Spiritual Coaching


Dr. Marsanico has a unique style, based upon her years of experience as a licensed psychologist. She enjoys a co-creative and collaborative way of working with clients to find their strengths and resources. The intention is to heal while reaching for new insights and making contact with spiritual guides.


Session Booking

The fee will be set during our initial conversation, prior to the first session.

Once we make contact, and set the

fee, I'll ask you to send me a summary

of your important relationships and influences.



Lets collaborate and share techniques which are helpful as we make our way, consciously on a spiritual path.


"I felt that…my life was over…without solutions. You helped me little by little to understand and put attention in all the places I needed, without the need of medicine, just by a beautiful coaching you created. I am currently living in Mexico feeling very strong, happy and powerful. I now believe in myself; doing a lot of art, which you encouraged me to use as the better medicine and way of expression.

My life changed completely since I moved here, remembering how to heal as you showed me…I got another chance to fully live."

 M - from Mexico

"So much healing has happened.  Such a grand journey...I have ...turned a corner to a completely different life...in a business that I love...I want to touch base...to sincerely share how I've been thinking of you and marveling in gratitude for the gift of you in my life at that time.

...I remembered telling you about my dream of a giant ponderosa pine tree -- I remember the dream clear as day -- and here I am surrounded by them."


 S -  from the West Coast


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