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I’ve come a long way in my relationship with computers. A baby boomer, I made certain my children developed computer know-how, never thinking about myself…creating an interesting history with this global device. Let me share…

It was 1996…I created my graduation project from Postgraduate Center. Using the family computer to type the document, I didn’t “save” changes to the manuscript and lost them. In a cold sweat, I turned to my teenage daughter who calmed me with explanation and technique.

It was 2004…my first PC was purchased and installed with my son’s help. In the twelve years since, I’ve learned skills at a snail’s pace, actually on a need-to-know basis, resisting all the way…My former wish was to have all computers sent to Mars with a one-way ticket.

During the process of writing the book that I’m pitching to publishers, launching the website, and negotiating social media sites, I’ve worked with two editors and three assistants. They have taught me to work with, and even to enjoy the computer. I move around my MAC with some dexterity, yet there is much to learn…technology keeps moving forward…changes abound…

On February 1, when I posted my last blog, there was a glitch – you know – when technology gasps, seizes, sputters…or plain doesn’t react! Here’s what happened...My prior week was overly booked with important appointments, projects, healings, and I kept up the pace, not paying attention to my F I N I T E body of energy…I was fatigued yet unaware of it.

I uploaded the beautiful, blizzard photo that Nell Alk, my assistant, researched for me, and posted the blog on my website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest,, and MindBodyNetwork. My next step was to organize the mailing. I pressed, “SEND” to 573 readers. The indicator spelled “SEND”, but the mailing did not go out. People on the list never received the shoutout. As I made several unsuccessful attempts to re-do the mailing, I could feel the stress/pain travel from my neck – where threat registers – down my spine. My thoughts were: I must let go of this desire to complete. What will my readers think when they don’t receive my mailing? They probably won’t even notice. Get real, Linda…

Finally, my internal boss said, “Step away from the computer.” I listened and did step away, because my stress level was over the top. This carried over during the week, and I chose to reorganize my schedule…doing much less and increasing my meditations, allowing down time between projects, eliminating caffeine, eating well…

Is there a moral to this tale? Yes, I overrode my mind/body communication. I forgot to maintain balance in my work and personal stride. I forgot self-love.

I reminded myself that computer interaction is still a challenge for me… and it can stress me out if I don’t pace myself. My writing and coaching work is special and delicate. So much so that I need balance in my life in order to do it well. I devote a lot of energy in my endeavors, and I really do need to remember the ME in all of this.

Noted…lesson learned. I’ve stepped back so that my mind/body/spirit communication has my full attention; so that I pay close attention to the nuances… letting go of my fears as they arise. There is still more work for me to do…yet, this is my love gift to myself on Valentine’s Day. How do I love me? I’m counting the ways…

You may wish to check out my post of February 3, 2014 entitled: “How Do I Love Me…?” that offers specific strategies for self-love.

An earlier post was written on February 3, 2013 where I develop the idea of love and compassion: “Will You Be Mine.”

Speak to you on February 29th…Yes it’s leap year…



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