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W h e n q u i e t i s b o l d

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Some things are a challenge, Hey!

When we have many interactions in a day, Yeah!

With others who have idiosyncrasies.

Don’t we all have these mysteries

that are revealed in communication and in relation?

Compassion is the goal, hey!

Yet, how do I get on that roll Yeah?

When anger springs up instead of benevolence

we are in a position to teach and learn (from each other).

It is my main concern

to show love rather than burn…

Remember that: Reaching into the compassionate heart segues into our highest potentials.

(See @LMarsanico)

What to do when my feelings are askew?

To a provocation, I can respond from a filter of love, to be

Quiet – this can be bold

Assertive – getting my needs met while respecting another’s rights

I can

Walk away – I get good exercise

Re-evaluate my position - good brain workout leading to strong social intelligence

I pray a lot, asking God for guidance in a situation. “Please let me know what I need to know about this?” Here, I learn about myself and how I might change…With each act of compassion, the Holy Spirit makes much of it – for the benefit of all. This belief inspires me to hold the practice of compassion in high regard.

These are suggestions you may wish to hold.

I will say it is rather bold

to use assertion rather than rage

when someone attempts to rattle your cage.

Your cortisol will be tamed.

It will not ravage your entrails

So that an inner calmness prevails…

Oh, Peace is a beautiful galaxy…

Speak to you on May 23rd.



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