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Many people have found 2016 to be an arduous year. There have been many personal, social, political and global issues to navigate… I find this to be true for myself!

My faith, courage and tenacity are tested at these times. I’ve written before that there is the option of focusing on love/compassion, joy and peace…rather than on the vibe of negativity. We attract the energy we put out. In other words, what we focus on we create…

This year, I learned through many experiences, which tested my mettle. Oppositional situations have a way of pushing us to a limit of being uncomfortable (we could say to the end of our comfort level) where we have the option take a leap. We might call this the precipice of discovery – where we gaze upon the unknown of adventure and possibility to decide a course of action…

From my demanding experiences this year, I learned (these are listed in no special order):

  1. To flow rather than use my force of will. Moving with the flow uses less energy than pushing against the tide. Remember that the salmon dies after the long journey, swimming upstream to spawn eggs.

  2. To take time out, actually playing during the workday. With this model, my work-relax-play-exercise occurs fluidly during the day.

3 To stop working after dinner, allowing my evenings to be personal

4 To grieve, to say goodbye to loved ones. Bye to my friend and colleague, Kathy, and to Ken’s mother, Connie who resembled Mitzi Gaynor, the internationally known American actress, singer and dancer!

5 To be assertive, as necessary, in close relationships

6 To become more compassionate…

7 To meditate more deeply.

8 To love myself more…

9 That time is really flying…

10 To be in the moment…

By taking responsibility for my actions and acknowledging the spiritual perspective, I grow into my skin, so to speak. I remember that my dreams are on the other side of my fears (taken from an anonymous quote). This is how we slay the dragon of dread and anxiety.

This is the last blog of the year. I wish you all a Happy and Merry December - the month of the festival of lights...

I will speak to you on January 9…

Stay warm…


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